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Zimbo's New Directory Has Arrived!

We are proud to bring you our new and improved kids entertainment directory for all your party needs

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Clowning Around ~ A fun friendly environment created by Zimbo the Clown. Take a look ~ explore a little, be ADVENTUROUS. Clowning Around is full of resources and articles revolved around childrens entertainment in South Africa i.e Birthday Parties, Kids Events, Puppet Shows, Jumping Castles, Clown Parties and more...

View our Kids Entertainment Directory where you can find everything you need for your childs (or adult childs) birthday party. The directory neatly displays hand picked information that meets Zimbo´s standards of 'Professionalism' and 'Just plain Fun'. You can even check out some kids party venue reviews.

Take a peek at Zimbo´s Portfolio. Born and raised in Zimbabwe, Zimbo is a mixture of 'Cat in the Hat - African Style'. A hit amongst the kids is trying to pronounce Zimbo´s full name - ZIMBAWENAMOKADOTAWENAWESAHERE - wow, what a mouth full. Also check out the different clown characters and see where Zimbo... or you fit in.

The gallery displays super high quality pictures of Zimbo and other Clown Friends. All photos on this site were taken by Life Studio's, more photo's are available on Zimbo's Facebook page.


As of the 1st FEB 2011 Zimbo will be
taking a break from clowning
until further notice. I have added an
availability button on my contact page.
Should I suddenly become available
it will be made know via
this button.

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